Nikolai Roerich | IKMR

Nikolai Roerich | IKMR

Educated in a Russian family apologist of the peace, Nikolai Roerich was a painter, writer, historian, poet, spiritual teacher and intellectual leader. He created the International Peace Treaty, signed in 1935 by 21 countries, which declared the need to protect cultural activity and production in the world, whether in times of war or peace, because culture is the supreme value of one nation.

The Roerich Pact also includes the Peace Flag, symbol where 3 circles corresponding to Art, Science and Religion are surrounded by a circle, representing the totality of the culture. It proposes that the flag flare in all historical monuments and educational, artistic and scientific institutions, signaling the need for protection and preservation of these and recognizing the importance of the memory of humanity for the development of future generations.

The flag should also encourage each person to take responsibility for the evolution of the planet. In 1929, Roerich was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.




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