Mariane Pearl | IKMR

Mariane Pearl was five months pregnant when her husband, the journalist Daniel Pearl, was abducted and brutally murdered in Pakistan by Al Qaeda in 2002. After the tragedy, the French journalist turned the horror of loss into a commitment to honor two principles: Ethics and Truth.

She wrote “A Mighty Heart,” a memoir to celebrate the values of humanism, hope, and dignity, through the report of the investigation conducted to try to rescue Daniel. The work was translated into 15 languages and inspired the film released in 2007, starring Angelina Jolie.

Driven by the idea that there is hope, Mariane wrote her second book, “In Search of Hope” a collection of women profiles from various countries who dedicate their lives to the fight against injustice. Mariane is currently the lead editor of Chime for Change, a global movement to promote education, health and justice for girls and women around the world.




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