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Anywhere on the planet, under the protection of any society, the life of a child should be considered much more important and valuable than their nationality. Every refugee child needs to have their rights respected and protected and the fact that they have been born beyond our borders is no excuse to ignore this. This is a different way of approaching this cause with society and it means a lot to us.

Crianças refugiadas | IKMR

The “I Know My Rights” Program seeks to promote, clarify, raise awareness and defend the rights of refugee children, presenting in this space all legal instruments aimed at their protection.

Refugee children in Brazil have the right to enjoy all the rights guaranteed by international human rights treaties and also the protection provided by international legal instruments relating to international criminal, humanitarian and labor law, provided that such documents have been ratified by the Brazilian State.

One of the most important is the Convention on the Rights of the Child, dated November 20, 1989, ratified by the Brazilian State in 1990, because it is the most accepted in universal history. The document brings together the fundamental rights of all children (civil and political, economic, social and cultural rights).



The international treaties that compose the International Human Rights Law, when ratified by the Brazilian State, can reinforce the imperative of the rights already guaranteed by the 1988 Constitution (when international instruments complement national provisions, or when they reproduce enunciated precepts of the international order), or expand and complete the list of constitutionally guaranteed rights (when international instruments add rights which are not provided by domestic law). In the event of a possible conflict between the International Human Rights Law and the internal legal system of the State, the adopted criterion is the prevalence of the most favorable norm that better protects, and in each case, the consecrated rights of the human person, whether it is a rule of international law or domestic law. The choice of the most beneficial norm to the individual is a task for national courts and other law enforcement agencies.

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